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How to check rules.json and action.json are working or not?

by  Jahia Unomi »  2018/01/09 11:47

I am working on plugin development for apache unomi.

I have made plugin as described but ActionExecutor class is not executing.

How to check that events are dispatched or not.

Or how to debus these kinds of issue in plugin development of unomi.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Jahia Unomi
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Re: How to check rules.json and action.json are working or not?

by  shuber »  2018/01/10 16:28


I use the following in the Apache Unomi console:

log:set debug org.apache.unomi.services.services


This makes it possible to then view rule executions, and check if the actions are being called.

Another useful thing to do otherwise is to start Karaf in debug mode using:

./karaf debug

and then connect a debugger to check if the actions are being called properly. 

Also remember that an ActionExecutor needs at least a JSON descriptor as well as to be registered as an OSGi Service to be fully registered. The OSGi registration is done through the OSGI-INF/blueprint/blueprint.xml file. Inside this file the actionExecutorId must match the name for the action executor declared in the JSON action descriptor file.



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