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Does Jahia support Saml 2.0?

by  M »  2014/12/05 08:32

Hi Everyone,

I didn't find anything related to this subject on internet; is it possible to use Jahia as an SP using SAML 2.0? If so, which version of jahia is needed? And is there any documentation on the subject?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Does Jahia support Saml 2.0?

by  Aurelien »  2014/12/05 09:01


Saml2 is not supported natively (not included in a standard Subscription) but there is no problem technically to adress this through a specific valve (which should have a cost to be determined). Could you please clarify the context of your project? Are you already using a Jahia platform or just investigating? If you need some clarification you can contact me at acharrier@jahia.com to discuss your project or organise a demo session.




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