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Creating Live Content

by  mumbojumbo »  2012/06/13 19:21

Hi All,

I can't seem to crack this one, but how does one create an object in the live repository without having to publish it.  I've created several entry forms to create objects in my containers but I want to be able to have the object already be published (or i guess exist in the live mode instantly) .  I have a module that the content doesn't need to go through the publication process. 

Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Creating Live Content

by  faissah »  2012/06/29 18:10


Since it is not a standard Jahia module behaviour, you will have to create a custom action. It is done in many modules already (forum, blog, comments, rating ...) So i encourage you to take a look at them:


You take more especially analyse the way the "comment" module implements it since it seems to be the most basic implementation of it:




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