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Call Spring Webflow with passing a parameter to it

by  Igor Puntus »  2017/05/02 07:56

Hi all!

I have next case:

I have simple Spring Webflow, two steps: step1. Fill form -> search -> step2. Show result

There is a possibility to call another Spring Webflow2 on the step2.

User are checking result on the step2 and, if it's needed, call Spring Webflow2 with passing to it as a parameter one value of result's fields. Spring Webflow2 starts work using this input parameter as one of initial values. User continues his/her work from the first step of Spring Webflow2.


Has anyone tried to do something like this?

How can I pass a parameter from one Spring Webflow to another Spring Webflow2? In addition, how can I use it in Spring Webflow2 as initial value?


Unfortunately, I have a really poor experience in Jahia (


Could you help me and give some documentations, advice, simple code examples.


I'm looking forward to your response.

Thank you!


Best regards,

Igor Puntus

Igor Puntus
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