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Work with GIT and Jahia (Collaborate and use depository)

by  MS »  2015/04/07 12:10

Hello everybody,

How to set up and use Git or another SVN tool with Jahia  Digital factory in order to collaborate in a project ??

Thank you in advance,


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re: Work with GIT and Jahia (Collaborate and use depository)

by  dgriffon »  2015/04/17 07:31


Jahia uses the subversion and git system command line to work.

You will find more information about subversion here :


and git here :


The version of these software depends of the sources repository you will work with. For github for instance, you can use the lastest version of git.  

Can you tell us what is your use case ? Do you want to work on a new project ? an existing one ? 

Kind regards


David Griffon (dgriffon)

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