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by  derylo »  2011/06/07 18:52


I've got a Jahia based website created in one language. There is quite a lot of content in there and I'd like to localize it into another languages. My idea is to export the existing content as xml, then process and translate it by an external CAT tool and finally import new language back to Jahia. I've already managed to translate export_en.xml file in a CAT tool but I'm facing the problem with putting newly translated content to Jahia. There seems to be not direct way to do this. Is it somehow possible?
I tried the following workaround: I exported the whole website as a zip file, added translated file next to export_en.xml (named eg. export_es.xml) and then imported the archive back to Jahia. A drawback of this solution is a need to create completely new virtual site next to existing one. This would be acceptable for me if it did the job properly, but during this import some pages were lost (they exist as objects in contairner list but I'm getting 404 when trying to access it, I tried various combinations or urls).

Any help will be appreciated.


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Importing XML data i

by  JCR2UZNMsn »  2015/12/03 01:31

Importing XML data into Excel Many project eoxprt the data to a generic XML format, to import data data into Excel, see Import XML into Excel
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