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Using Jahia to manage document collections?

by  wmorris »  2012/02/29 23:03

From what I have seen so far, there is no out of the box mechanism for manageing document collections.  What I mean by this is a set of documents - either all uploaded at the same time, or a series of documents being managed by one user to create a document collection, being logically bundled as a package, and attributed to the user who uploaded them....


Can anyone suggest possible ways to either build a custom solution for this, or how to use standard features which I have not found?




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Re: Using Jahia to manage document collections?

by  faissah »  2012/05/25 18:49

Hello Wayne,

This behaviour is totally provided by Jahia. Your requirement may be more specific but a user could for example simply upload file in a personnal folder. Folder which would be shared among his team. This is just an example but with the document management features that Jahia provides, there is probably a way to administrate docuement the way you are looking for.

Also, our team is currently investing a lot of effort in providing Document Management Platform that will fully cover your needs. It will be out in the upcoming months and will probably interest you.



Fabrice  (faissah)

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