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The parameters display order while I create a node is not correct

by  Harlow »  2017/01/31 18:38


When I create a node with a custom nodetype, the parameters display order while I create a node is not the same as the order I used in definitions.cnd. 

I guess it is because I changed the type of some of this parameters in definitions.cnd but is there a way to chose in which order  they are supposed to be displayed?

Example : 

[jnt:mamapromo] > jmix:templateMixin mixin
 extends = jnt:content
 - title (string,richtext) internationalized
 - text (string,richtext) internationalized
 - price (string,richtext) internationalized
 - conditions (string,richtext) internationalized
 - contentImage (weakreference, picker[type='image']) internationalized < 'jmix:image'
 - backgroundImage (weakreference, picker[type='image']) mandatory < 'jmix:image'

And in edit mode, when i create a node mamapromo, the field backgrounds image comes first then contentImage, then conditions etc...


Thank you

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