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Template-set and repository.xml

by  cachavez »  2011/11/21 20:21

Hello all.

I'm trying to find the correct way to work with Jahia 6.5.

So far I read that we just need to define some basic template-set and then add the other stuff with jahia studio.

Then in order to have those changes in the maven project we need to export the template set, unzip the import.zip file and copy the repository.xml to our maven project.

We are wondering if we can add all the stuff in the JSP and cnd files instead of do the export, unzip and copy the repository.xml stuff.


In other issues: Do anyone know how to change the email of my user on the forum and Jira ?



Carlos Chávez.

Quoin Inc.

Jahia Partner.


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Re: Template-set and repository.xml

by  faissah »  2011/11/30 16:30

Hello Carlos,

You cannot add JCR content in the jsp or cnd files. JCR content are stored in repository.xml.

But in order to quickly retrieve your work in the Studio, you can go to Studio and choose "Export / Export" instead of "Export / Export WAR file". This will retrieve only the JCR content therefore you will only have to copy the xml file content in your repository.xml.

We are currently working on providing a way for users to update their information. If you really need to make those changes, you can send me an email.



Fabrice  (faissah)

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