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SQL Clip Builder?

by  thhal »  2012/06/12 12:55


I'm currently evaluating Jahia for a customer. One important feature for the CMS that will be chosen is the ability to graphically configure and include SQL reports. I read about  "SQL Clip Builder" in the Admin manual for Jahia version 5 but I haven't manage to find any corresponding functionality in Jahia 6. What's the status on this? Has it been moved or simply discontinued? If it's the latter, what would you recommend as a replacement?


Thomas Hallgren


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Re: SQL Clip Builder?

by  faissah »  2012/06/15 13:40

Hello Thomas,

Jahia 6.6 doesn't have the corresponding functionnality. However our partner Oshyn has developed this tool and it is available in our Git repository:


This tool is compatible with Jahia 6.6. It is an external development managed by the Oshyn team so we do not support it.



Fabrice  (faissah)

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