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RMI and JCR Viewers

by  hchingwong@gmail.com »  2016/05/09 15:55

Can anyone shares experience with connecting to JCR through RMI?
I use the Community Distribution, first thing I did was bypass the URL rewrite rules to get to the servlet. After that, somehow I still couldn't establish connection, it simply says, "Repository not found: Attribute javax.jcr.Repository does not exist in servlet context Jahia.


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Re: RMI and JCR Viewers

by  shyrkov »  2016/05/10 20:09


the RMI binding for the JCR repository is disabled by default.

DX has a built-in JCR browser, which is accessible under: http://localhost:8080/modules/tools/jcrBrowser.jsp

(the username/password for Tools user by default is: jahia/password).


Kind regards


Sergiy Shyrkov (shyrkov)

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