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Reuse and Customize Modules in my template

by  xinyi.yang@amadeus.com »  2017/05/31 10:10


I am just a green hand beginning with Jahia, and I just created a template ( a default one) of my own, so to create the header of the template, I want to reuse the login module of Jahiademo ( jdnt:login) and a navigation-menu of Bootstrap3 (Bootstrap 3-components). But if I just add dependecy and add these two components in header, it will render in a way lacking css and javascript. So I think it is not the right way to do it.

So my question, how is the standard process to reuse a module in a way that I can modify something about it, since it is difficult for me to create a all new one.

Thank you for your answering.


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Re: Reuse and Customize Modules in my template

by  cefou »  2018/04/13 09:08

Hello Xinyi,

To corrrect your first problem quickly, I think you need to add also a dependency to 'bootstrap3-core" module because the base bootstrap CSS are included in this module...

If you want to edit rapidly such a Jahia module, you can download it localy and edit it in the Studio:




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