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Quick link to Content Page

by  sbarriball »  2014/08/12 11:43

If i have a content item with its own content page template then when i go that that items URL then the Content Page renders.

However there seems to be now easy way to get this via the Editor UI.

I keep wanting to right on the item in 'Content' tab and where i have edit/publish/delete etc there should be a 'view' option.

Seems the only way is to link to the item from another page and follow the link to view the page,

This is not ideal when you want to view the page having edited the item but have not yet linked from anywhere.

Am i missing a trick here? perhaps a link can be generated on the edit dialog, i guess there must be a way to customize the std GWT rendering of the edit tab.


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Re: Quick link to Content Page

by  faissah »  2014/08/17 23:47

Thanks for the idea, it has been submitted to the product team.


Fabrice  (faissah)

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