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Questions about main resource display and Content Template

by  dclarence »  2012/12/14 11:51


I have some questions about main resource display and content template :

1) Is it authorize to have many resources display in one content template? I have a node, called for instance Product and in some parts of the page, I would like to display some properties in the different part of the pages (for instance the title in the top of the page and the details in the middle). So I have defined a content template. In this content template, I defined 2 main resources display and for each one, I  display a specific view. is this a good practice or forbidden in jahia? Or is there a better way to do that? That brings me to the second question 

2) The page product that I would like to render contains certain areas that are common to many pages because those areas need to be editable. So what I have done is to create  a new template called base-products under the default base template. In base-products, I defined the area that are common to the products pages and I added my content-template, called content-template-products under base-products. So the hierarchy is base -> base-products -> content-template-products. In base, I also defined some templates for my pages. When I create my products and add them in edit mode, when I pass to preview to test my content template, I have 404. It might a url problem. 


How can I resolvve that problem? Thanks for your help?




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Beginner's tutorial

by  ohuezo »  2012/12/27 15:42

Hello everyone!

I have been trying to get started on Jahia for a while now to no avail. The information I've found online is mostly outdated. So I was wondering if anybody knew about any good tutorials on how to develop in Jahia 6? Any information is welcome though I'm looking for something a beginner can use to understand what creating a website in Jahia 6 entails.

Thanks a bunch,



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