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Questing about "Last news retrieving"

by  JS »  2017/03/15 08:47

Is there a possibility to "Last news retrieving" content box as a "what´s new on the website"?

Basically what I mean, that could it not only be pulling information from "News" feed, but also from other content, such as "Rich text" or some PDF files that we upload.

Or is there some other way that this could be achieved.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Questing about "Last news retrieving"

by  dgriffon »  2017/03/15 09:33


You can acheive this using the JCR Query component.

In this component you can specify the query to execute to get content, in your case a query like :

select * from [jnt:content]

will look for any content stored in DX. 

You can also create your own component that will execute your query. 

Kind regards,



David Griffon (dgriffon)

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