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Problem initiating git repo - Repository inaccessible

by  Problem initiating git repo »  2016/06/08 17:05


I'm trying to send my current Jahia project to source control, so I created a repo on GitHub, and I copied the URI for it. However, when I put in the URI (I tried the .git address as well as the URL of the repo), I get an error saying the repository is inaccessible. I made sure that git on my macbook is associated with my username and email, and I have an rsa key set up and associated to my GitHub account as well. I tried looking through the log generated by the error but was unable to find any helpful information. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Problem initiating git repo
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set Git Repo on JAHIA 7.1 from existing folder

by  gerve »  2017/11/17 09:52



How can i import modules on JAHIA 7.1 from an existing repo on my hard drive.

I can't set it by git tool on jahia because it will importe at the begining correctly (my folder get the modules) but at the end, an error pop-up and rollback everything. 

If i checkout the modules by sourcetree (or an other git client) it worked correctly.

How can i do to import the modules by jahia git module OR i prefer, by a existing folder ?


have a good day.

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