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page template without doctype?

by  jahio »  2012/03/29 09:34



I would like to access to some jahia content using the REST API.

This content could be composed by 2 images and 1 text area for exemple, on 2 different columns.

What kind of template should I use? page template or content template?

When I create a content template in Jahia Studio, this template is not available in the "edit mode".

So I tried to create a page template. This one appears in the edit mode, but the HTML code I get back contains the doctype, html, head and body tags.

I don't want to get those tags, because the HTML code is injected in an other web page which already have those tags.

Is it possible to get back the HTML code without those tags?



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by  faissah »  2012/04/13 21:46


In order to better understand the difference between content template versus page template, you should take a look at those docs:

Also, if you need to retrieve some content without the HTML tag, i suggest that you retrieve it as a JSON object. In order to do so, simply replace .html with .json.



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