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Override css minify file name

by  clement.berthelot@maaf.fr »  2017/02/16 08:11


I would like to reference the minify css file generated by jahia from another website. Unfortunaly the filename is changed each time the project goes in production so I have to change my <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://../Path-to-minfiyfile.css" /> in each website.

Is there a web to fix this file name ? It seams that it is generated from StaticAssetsFilter. Is it possible to override the generateAggregateName method ?

Thanks a lot


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Re: Override css minify file name

by  gerve »  2018/03/05 10:27


you can edit your xml who contains the different beans. it's possible to exclude some files like :

<property name="aggregateAndCompress" value="${aggregateAndCompressAssets:true}" />
<property name="excludesFromAggregateAndCompress">

But like you, say it's expose only for a specific session. I'm stuck with a similar things.

I want expose for everyone, à specific files (a css) and i want call it on my main templates, but i can't :(

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