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Jahia Evaluation

by  ashwani.research@gmail.com »  2016/01/27 11:15

Hi Team,

My organisation is looking forward to use Jahia enterprise for one of our projects. Before making a decision on this, we are looking for Jahia Enterprise to evaluate. Also, since we are new to Jahia, could you please guide the step by step learning curve and prefered skillset of team?

We are majorly looking at following:

1) Portal development

2) Integration with external systems (Databases)

3) Simple to Medium Forms - Recieving input from users and updating an external source (Database) 

4) Integration with third party Reporting system

5) Security and Roles using AD

Could you guide how can we proceed on this confidently?

We have had a look at Demo version and found many options disabled therefore unable to evaluate the product.

Thanks in Advance

Ash (Solution Desinger)


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