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Jahia benchmarks ?

by  casertpi »  2014/05/06 14:00

Hi, I'm very interested about learning Jahia for developing personnal projects that could become (in the future) industrial projets like e-commerce or what else.

My fear of using a cms is scalability in term of trafic overload.

Why is there no benchmark on Jahia ontop of different app server like Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, ... showing the implied overhead induced by the app server and Jahia ?

I feel that this information could be very valuable.

Of course I do not expect a CMS to compete with lightweight frameworks but I would like to have a sense of how much it can support traffic.

It seems that Jahia can be distributed amoung many nodes (and adding nodes is cheap) so why not extends the benchmarks to JBoss clustering to see results ?

This could reassure the more scepticle like me.

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Re: Jahia benchmarks ?

by  shuber »  2014/05/06 14:35


While we don't have any currently publicly available benchmarks (we usually recommend that users perform their own before going into production), you might be interested in our customers page that has some testimonials of very public and large sites running with Jahia. You can find the page here.

On the technology site, Jahia has built-in HTML front-end cache that is high performance, so even on a single node you can deliver pages fast. And if that's not enough you have the possibility to scale by using clustering (available in the enterprise edition). Customers such as HomeAway also use CDNs in front of Jahia to help them withstand very high loads such as SuperBowl ad traffic.

As per the performance of the application server itself, that is something that you should research directly on the application server websites. Most of the ones you mentioned have different ways to scale up and I think that if planned well, high scalability is achievable, but you need to stay on top of it early to avoid calling bottleneck services, etc... 

Please don't hesitate to contact us directly for more details.

Best regards,

  Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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by  casertpi »  2014/05/06 15:09

Thanks for your answer. It is true that some large public website are using it succesfully so it must scale pretty well.


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