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Jahia Modify HTML Output of (F)CK Editor

by  ospeiser »  2012/03/08 09:16

Hello together,

it is possible to modify the standard html rendering of a richtext component?

The output is given by the ckeditor, but since i didn't found any file that would allow me to modify ANYTHING

according to the editor, i'm a little bit clueless. The documentation didn't really helped at all.

I would appreciate any help.




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Re: Jahia Modify HTML Output of (F)CK Editor

by  pap@commaro.com »  2012/05/02 08:00


could you please give more context details?

As I understand you want to customize the display of the CKEditor. Do you want to modify it in general in all edit popups, or just in specific contexts? CKEditor allows to have custom configurations. For instance we have already defined in modules\assets\src\main\webapp\javascript\ckeditor\config.js different types of toolbars (Full, Basic, Mini,...), which are activated depending on permissions a user has.

We also use a modified CKEditor instance in our Blog and Forum JahiApp, where we use the CKEditor directly in the textarea of the templates.

Beside the context, where you want to modify the CKEditor output, could you also give more infos on what exactly you want to modify? Is it something changeable by the standard CKEditor configuration (see: http://docs.cksource.com/ckeditor_api/symbols/CKEDITOR.config.html )?


Benjamin Papez (pap@commaro.com)

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