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Jahia 6.6 - Edit-Mode: how to remove "lots" of pages fast

by  gkrost »  2012/02/28 14:14


when handling some 10000 pages in Edit-Mode I often have to delete all of them - except the homepage. Jahia then starts to delete them (this can be observed in the console) but this process seems to be really slow ( app. 5-10 pages per second). The second step is to "delete permanently" from the context menu, which is not really fast, either.

My workaround is to delete the whole site, recreate and re-run the import procedure.

Any suggestions for a faster solution?




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Re: Jahia 6.6 - Edit-Mode: how to remove "lots" of pages fast

by  faissah »  2012/02/28 14:52

Hi gkrost,

Jahia provides an external JCR browser. In order use it, go to : <server>:<port>/tools

Internally, this is the way we delete mass content during our performance test campaign.

If you installed Jahia with "Express Install", default credentials are jahia/password. If you did a "Custom install", you should have provided those credentials.

Once in the "Jahia Tools area", the JCR Data and Rendering part provide a JCR repository browser. If you check the "Show actions" checkbox on the right, you will be able to faster delete mass jcr content in Jahia.




Fabrice  (faissah)

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