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Jahia 6.0.1 compatibility with new browsers

by  apenkin »  2011/10/28 12:06


We are running a Jahia 6.0.1 (r28889) based web site. There are some complains from the client about troubles with IE9. As we try to gather more information there, would someone give an advise about the compatibility of this version with new browsers, and how an upgrade will solve it.

For example:

Jahia 6.0.1 administration is not woriking under Chrome. Is this solved in a newer version?

Do you know about issues with Jahia 6.0.1 and IE9, and are they solved in a newer version?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!


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by  shuber »  2011/10/31 09:57


IE 9 support is supported in our SP2 release :

For Chrome we have no plans to support it for version 6.1 but maybe you could create ticket in our public bug tracker and if there is a lot of demand we may plan it at a later time.

However our current version 6.5 and upcoming versions provide support for Chrome.

Best regards,

  Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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