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Issues with file upload in live mode

by  namitgupta »  2012/12/03 09:14

Hi All,

I have requirement for accepting files from the user (Live mode). In order to achieve this functionality, i have created  a html form and an action handler. The code works fine in preview mode. However, it doesn't work in the live mode. PFB the code snippet for action handler:


public ActionResult doExecute(HttpServletRequest req,
RenderContext renderContext, Resource resource,
JCRSessionWrapper session, Map<String, List<String>> parameters,
URLResolver urlResolver) throws Exception {
objLogger.info("Inside method: Action Handler");
String strFirstName = getParameter(parameters,"firstname");
String strLastName = getParameter(parameters,"lastname");
objLogger.info("File Path: "+renderContext.getUser().getLocalPath());
JCRNodeWrapper objNodeWrapper = session.getNode(renderContext.getUser().getLocalPath() + "/files");
objLogger.info("Node Wrapper" + objNodeWrapper.getPath());
FileUpload fileUpload = (FileUpload) req.getAttribute(FileUpload.FILEUPLOAD_ATTRIBUTE);
DiskFileItem inputFile = fileUpload.getFileItems().get("fileField");
objNodeWrapper.uploadFile(inputFile.getName(), inputFile.getInputStream(), inputFile.getContentType());
objLogger.info("First Name:"+strFirstName);
objLogger.info("Last Name:"+strLastName);
objLogger.info("File Name: "+inputFile.getContentType());
objLogger.info("Node Name: "+renderContext.getUser().getLocalPath());
objLogger.info("WebDAV URL: "+objNodeWrapper.getWebdavUrl());
        objLogger.info("Exiting method: Action Handler");
        return new ActionResult(HttpServletResponse.SC_ACCEPTED,
new JSONObject());
Upon analyzing the issue, I found that the handler fails at "JCRNodeWrapper objNodeWrapper = session.getNode(renderContext.getUser().getLocalPath() + "/files");".
Please let me know your thoughts on this.



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Re: Issues with file upload in live mode

by  dgriffon »  2013/12/16 13:50


can you check that the /files node is present in live under the user nodepath ?

if not, it means that the node has not be published yet. 

You have to publish it once before using it in live.



David Griffon (dgriffon)

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