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Issue with the News Module/ News Entry

by  msheets »  2015/03/24 15:40


We currently have a website that includes the news module and we have several news entries that open as they are supposed to, in a new window. We have a new site we are creating and we implemented the same module, with the same template structure; however, the news entries open in the same window and only show the template layout that includes the header and footer and no content.

We have tried several different ways of changing the templates as well as the different content areas, but nothing works to make it function in the same way as our other site. 

To better explain, the website that functions how we need it to has an ending URL of newsarticletitle.default.full.

Our new website has an ending URL of newsarticletitle.default.html.  However, when you manually change the end to .full, it works. 

We cannot figure out how to make the necessary changes within Jahia to make this work and to make the news entries open in a new window with the .full extension at the end rather than .html.

I hope that makes enough sense to someone. Any help that anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!



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