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Intellij Idea - Maven Build Project Error

by  santa.krishnan@borngroup.com »  2018/03/28 19:29

Hi Team

I am a novice developer to Jahia development, as part of Basic developer training I created a Component using Studio and then from Resource folder I imported the Acme Maven project into my IntelliJ Idea (2017.3.5) version with Maven and JDK are all mapped.

When I Tried to hit Build -> Build Project, I am getting following error message ( I am running on a Mac Machine)

Error:osgi: [acmecompany] The Provide-Capability with namespace ${jahia.plugin.providedNodeTypes} is not a symbolic name
Error:osgi: [acmecompany] The Require-Capability with namespace ${jahia.plugin.requiredNodeTypes} is not a symbolic name

Note: The same Project I tried running through Terminal  ( I created a profile in maven settings.xml)

mvn clean install jahia:deploy -P jahia-7.0-tomcat


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Re: Intellij Idea - Maven Build Project Error

by  cefou »  2018/04/12 15:06

Hi Santa,

A Jahia Maven module doesn't compile through the Intellij ' Build -> Build Project' menu.

You should try to create an Intellij run configuration for a Maven project, following theses steps:


Name = "JahiaDeploy"
Working directory= choose the path to the pom.xml of your Jahia module/project
Command line: clean install jahia:deploy
Profiles: jahia-7.0-tomcat


Then go to "Run > Run... > JahiaDeploy" Intellij menu and it will build your Jahia module.

Rem: if your project doesn't build with your command line "mvn clean install jahia:deploy -P jahia-7.0-tomcat", then try this documentation first:

Kind regards,


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