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Help needed for implementing Search

by  namitgupta »  2013/01/08 14:34

Hi All,

We have a requirement for implementing search on our website, which is based on Jahia We are considering using the Jahia Search module. However, were not able to search the documents/pages using the metadata.

Can anyone let us know if it's possible to search using the metadata, rank the results?





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Re: Help needed for implementing Search

by  pap@commaro.com »  2013/01/21 12:44

Hello Namit,

yes it is possible to search by metadata. You can have a look at the advanced search form ( modules\search\src\main\webapp\jnt_advancedSearchForm\html\advancedSearchForm.jsp ), which is using some of the corresponding tags to search by author and date. There are more tags you can use all described here: http://www.jahia.com/downloads/jahia/jahia6.6.0/jahia-taglib-


Benjamin Papez (pap@commaro.com)

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