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GPL violation

by  hwellmann »  2012/11/29 15:20

Summing up the forum thread Subversion tags?, it is not currently possible to access the source for Jahia releases via Subversion, and source archives are only available to extranet users, i.e. paying customers.

GPL-licensed software must be distributed along with its source code. Quoting from the GPL:

The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it.  For an executable work, complete source code means all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any associated interface definition files, plus the scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable.

Maven source bundles alone do not satisfy this requirement.

Please make Subversion tags or tarballs of the source tree for any release available to the general public.

Best regards,





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Re : GPL violation

by  gkuhmel »  2012/11/30 15:08


You should have a look here:


  • Re : GPL violation
    2012/11/30 15:08

    gkuhmel <p> Hi</p> <p> You should have a look here:</p> <p> http://www.jahia.com/cms/fr/home/download/develop/source-code.html</p>

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    Re: GPL violation

    by  shuber »  2012/11/30 15:17


    Hello Harald,
    Actually this wasn't a violation, we had refactored a lot of things when we released the new website and some things were not yet published, sorry about that.
    We have even simplified the building process by making a new "meta project" for building Jahia. You can check it out here : 
    So to build Jahia, simply do :
    svn co http://subversion.jahia.org/svn/jahia_community_dev/releases/JAHIA_6_6_1_0/
    Then follow the steps in the README and the jahia/README file depending on if you want to build the installer package or use the plugin to deploy to Tomcat. The points about customizing the Tomcat install I talk about in my previous message are still relevant, except for the shared libraries that will get deployed with this new project (but the modifications to the catalina.sh/.bat file still need to be done manually). Also just a quick reminder if you use Tomcat 7 please still use the value "6" for the targetServerVersion.
    You can find similar source for all the Jahia releases at the root of the project : http://subversion.jahia.org/svn/jahia_community_dev
    I hope this will help you in your project. Should you need any specific assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me directly at shuber @ jahia dot com
    Best regards,
      Serge Huber.
    ps : I'd love to know more about what you are trying to achieve, if you can share details of course.

    Serge Huber (shuber)

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