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FCK templates

by  sdenef »  2011/06/07 18:39

  • FCK templates
    2011/06/07 18:39


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    Re: FCK templates

    by  pap@commaro.com »  2011/06/07 18:40


    no unfortunately FCK templates can not be comfortably conditionally configured in the same way as the CSS styles used by FCK. htmleditors_config.xml does not handle the templates, yet - you could open a JIRA request for that.

    However if you need this feature, you could also try modifying fckeditor_htmleditor.jsp . There you can see how we set htmlEditorCSSDef , which is passed into the JSP according to the rules in htmleditors_config.xml .

    You could try dynamically setting the available templates by setting

    oFCKeditor.Config.TemplatesXmlPath = '/1

    and set the htmlEditorTemplatesDef according to your needs. In this JSP you have access to ProcessingContext (=jParams) and with accessing jParams.getSiteKey()�?you could make it depend on the site-name or with jParams.getPage().getPageTemplate().getSourcePath() match it against the template set name within the returned JSP path.


    Benjamin Papez (pap@commaro.com)

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