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duplicate voting on poll

by  bharatkasodariya »  2017/02/03 13:51

how to prevent duplicate poll vote.

If user clear cookie then can again vote. Is there any option to prevent duplicate vote from same user.


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Re: duplicate voting on poll

by  cefou »  2018/04/13 09:26


I think the current implementation check only the presence of a cookie, see https://github.com/Jahia/poll/blob/2_0_2/src/main/resources/jnt_poll/html/poll.jsp lines 32... (that replace the vote form by the results when the cookie is already present).

Futhermore, it seems that if you call directly the voteAction, there is no security check to avoid duplicates votes...

So don't use it for critical polls/voting system :/

Kind regards,


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