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Downloading sources fails with "Permission denied (publickey)"

by  andrew.liles@digitaslbi.com »  2016/06/01 21:24

CommunityDistribution v7.1.2.0

From http://localhost:8080/cms/admin/default/en/settings.manageModules.html I attempt to download the source of 

  • Jahia Article
  • Bootstrap ACME Space Templates

This connects to Github and attempts to get the source using the SSH protocol, I believe.  I get this error:

Permission denied (publickey).

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights

and the repository exists.

The UI reports:

A problem occurred when downloading the module sources in version 3.0.3. Please make sure to select the branch / tag corresponding to the version 3.0.3.

URI: scm:git:git@github.com:Jahia/bootstrap-acme-space-templates.git
Branch or tag: 3_0_3

If I attempt this command line method of cloning the repo:

git clone git@github.com:Jahia/article.git

then I can reproduce the same error, however using 

git clone https://github.com/Jahia/article.git

works fine.  But how then do I get the code into Jahia?


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You need to have both pull access and push access e.g. own the repository and you need ssh key pairs

by  hchingwong@gmail.com »  2016/06/06 06:57

Hi Andrew,

Once you successfully imported a module into Jahia, Jahia provides the ability to update back to github from within the web interface too so that means it requires push access too - e.g. you have to own the repository.
And also you should understand and be able to Git through ssh as these commands are hard coded into the system and you have no choice but to authenticate when pulling and pushing through ssh key pairs.

  • 1.  First you should make sure you have ssh setup and working between your jahia server and git account
    (note that the ssh private key cannot have passphrases attached)
    (and if you are on windows you might need to add git to your PATH to make it work... or maybe it might not work at all, I haven't tried)
  • 2.  Then I fork modules I want to use into my own github account.
  • 3.  Finally you will be using     """<YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME>@github.com:Jahia/bootstrap-acme-space-templates.git"""    for the URI field. Using """git@github.com:xxxxx""" is essentially ssh'ing into github as guest. It won't have enough privilages hence permission denied errors.
  • 4.  Look for the artifact ID from the pom.xml for the artifact ID field, in your case it would be "bootstrap-acme-space-templates" and "master" or "HEAD" for the TAG field, Jahia also tries to match those.

Regards -


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