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Difference between JAR and WAR

by  helenv »  2014/06/05 15:40

my isp says they can provide tomcat to run WAR files - what is the difference between a WAR file and a JAR file?  Jahia is compiling to a JAR file - do I have to do something to this to make it a WAR file? or can I run a JAR file on a server that can run a WAR file? if so how?


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Re: Difference between JAR and WAR

by  fpral »  2014/07/11 21:56


The jar file is the Jahia installer. To install Jahia as a war on an existing Tomcat, launch your Jahia jar file (java -jar Jahia_xCM_v6.6.2.0_r47118.jar), select the custom install, then uncheck  the box "Add Apache Tomcat...", and proceed to the other steps of the installation. At the end, a war file that can be deployed on a tomcat is generated, and you will have a "How-to-install" document in your installation folder which will give you the steps to install Jahia on your Tomcat.

If you want to test Jahia on your own machine, just run the installer and do the "Express install" or check the box "Add Apache Tomcat..." in the custom install.


Francois Pral (fpral)

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