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Data online question

by  malinka »  2013/12/04 08:41

Hi everybody

I need to create a small web application that uses a portal to reach users over the intranet.
Portal should do standard user authentication and page management.
Now I need a portlet, or a set of tools to create something similar to a MS access application.

I've searched the net and found out that the only two system that fit my needs are:

1 - http://wiki.marvelit.com/index.php?titl ... rt_Portlet
2 - http://www.datawarestudio.com

Has somebody ever tried them?
Or, otherwise, does somebody has different solutions (it must be alternatives that requires only few skills in sql)?

Thank's in advance smiley


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Re: Data online question

by  shuber »  2013/12/08 14:36

Hello Malinka, 

Maybe you could be intested in this Jahia module ? 


Using this module you can simply generate SQL views of any database. 

Best regards,

  Serge Huber.

Serge Huber (shuber)

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