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CSS frameworks and handmade XHTML

by  mrodriguezm »  2012/10/23 16:25



During the past few weeks, i have been learing how to develop templates using jahia studio, however main goal is to develop custom templates for mobile websites, which will be based on trully responsive web designs. however Jahia comes out of box with a framework called 960gs, which is based on fixed units aka pixels, so in order to create a trully responsive web design, i need to get rid off this framework, i have read through jahia Integration guide, it says i can indeed do so, but main question is how. it just says "you can either code this directly into the JSP scripts and views, or better yet, build your own layout components for the framework you wish to integrate. ", so which JSP Scripts is guide refering to, where in the jahia installation i can find them?, is there any guide that helps people to understand this way better than the integration guide does? and if so where i can find it. any help pointing me in right direction will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: CSS frameworks and handmade XHTML

by  dsaulnier »  2012/11/06 10:56

Hi Mauricio,


You should take a look at the "step by step integration" example, at the end of the integration guide. It uses an HTML mockup based on some custom css instead of the built in implementation of the 960gs framework




Damien Saulnier (dsaulnier)

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