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Costum logic

by  fringer »  2011/06/07 18:44


I would like to know how can I modify an /1 (or engine?) associate to a specific page. More specifically, I want to call a service configured in a Spring application context before displaying the page.

For example, I would like to call my application layer to preload a product catalog that is stored in another database and then display the result within my Jahia template.



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Re: Costum logic

by  wassek »  2011/06/07 18:44


I think you have more possibilities.

1. you can modify the engine jsp like the containeredit.jsp or pageproperties jsp. All engine jsp resources are under the directory webapps/ROOT/engines. For instance inside this jsps you can open an additional popup with a your product catalog.

2. You can have instead the action menu your own link which opens your own logic and inside your own logic you forward to the right engine. In this case you need some parameters which are forwarded to the engine.


Werner Assek (wassek)

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