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Child node and view

by  olizi@smile.fr »  2016/08/25 15:05


I have a problem with view of node. I'm work with this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFzKxAaQgAQ&index=10&list=PLCi1wJLT02zhNX8RxsvK8vvF9PN8FIZoK , but somewhy it doesn't work.

In the 59th minute of the video I have got a different from expected result. There should be a kind of button for adding employee(child node) to company division(parent node). The next code should display that button(sorry about format, I don't know how to paste it correctly):

<c:forEach items="${jcr:getChildrenOfType(currentNode, 'mynt:employee')}" var = "employee">
  <template:module node="${employee}" view="default"/>

<tempate:module path="*"/>


but there is no any button there, and I have no idea why. Could someone explain what I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

P.S. Company division has next declaration in cnd file:

[mynt:companyDivision] > jnt:content, mix:title, mymix:acmeComponent
 - jcr:title (string)
 + * (mynt:employee)


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Syntax error

by  olizi@smile.fr »  2016/08/25 15:33

Sorry, I made syntax mistake in <tempate:module path="*"/>. Correct line is <template:module path="*"/>


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