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Changing style of h2 in CSS

by  helenv »  2014/06/11 14:33

When editing rich text you can select the style of h2 etc.  How do I change the style of h2 to be, for example, red?  Can I create new styles and make them available to my editor in the edit styles drop down list?

I have looked everywhere for a CSS file containing h2 but can't find it anywhere.


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Re: Changing style of h2 in CSS

by  faissah »  2014/07/10 20:50


In Jahia 7, this has to be done in the Studio. You will have to edit the CSS of your template set or module in order to change the style of h2.

If you are using Jahia 6, the Studio doesn't allow you to change CSS files so you would have to do it outside Jahia (in the source code of your template or module).


Fabrice  (faissah)

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