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Change CSS-attributes

by  benjaminjenni »  2014/06/16 09:03

Hello everyone!


I'm using Jahia 7.0 on Kubuntu 14. The template is the "bootstrap-acme-space-templates" -set.

Well, now I want to change some colors on my website. 

What I've done so far:

  1. I inspected the element in the preview mode of the browser. (Result: ".wrapper { border-top: 4px solid #6600cc!important;" etc.)
  2. I searched on my computer for "#6600cc" with the command "grep -R".
  3. I found three files: jahia.less (which seemed to be the right to me (with: "border-top: 4px solid #6600cc!important;") ), jahia-old.css and bootstrap.css and other files (editLessVariables.acme-spece.jsp, news-events.css, variables less).
  4. I searched the first three files for the hex-code.
  5. I changed these files (commented lines out or changed the colors) one after another.
  6. I saved the changes.
  7. I reloaded my page.

After all that I never retrieved any changes. How can I change the colors in these files so, that the changes appear on my site?


Thank you very much!



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Re: Change CSS-attributes

by  benjaminjenni »  2014/06/24 08:22

Anyone, please? I still haven't found anything...


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