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Cannot pull updates to repository.xml

by  sbarriball »  2014/10/01 09:29

We have our module checked out in studio from a git repository and changes to repository.xml checked in by my collegue do no import into my repository.

It appear that the repository.xml is only imported on initial module checkout, changes made locally are to the repos which automatically exports to repository.xml for source control.

However if i pick up changes to repository.xml I cannot find a way to have studio pick up those changes, it simply overwrites the new repository.xml with my current repository state whenever i refesh studio.

We're currently looking at using the repository explorer to import repository.xml manually which is a crazy setup.

Could someone suggest a solution / workaround as currently we cannot develop jahia in a multi user setup.


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Re: Cannot pull updates to repository.xml

by  lila44 »  2015/12/08 10:51

(j'ai le meme probleme)  I have the same probleme

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