Tarifs et Licence

TArifs des Souscriptions Annuelles

Les distributions Enterprise des produits open source de Jahia sont disponibles uniquement pour nos clients. Avec chaque distribution Enterprise, Jahia fournit une souscription annuelle qui fonctionne comme une assurance, sans coût de licence.

Jahia Prices in $

Community Edition

starting at Free
  •   Unlimited Web Projects
  •   Unlimited Content and Assets
  •   Unlimited Content Types
  •   Source code available

Customer Data Hub

starting at USD1800 per month
  •   Full Apache Unomi CDP scope:
    Rules, segmentation, profile & consent
  •   Unlimited bug fixes
  •   Support with guaranteed SLA
  •   Provided by lead developers of the Apache Unomi project
  •   Source code available

Digital Experience Manager

starting at USD2000 per Month
  •   Unlimited Web Projects
  •   Unlimited Content & Assets
  •   Unlimited Content Types
  •   Unlimited Developer / Testing Licencing
  •   Source Code Included

Digital Experience Platform

Starting at USD3900 per month
  •   Unlimited Web Projects
  •   Unlimited Content & Assets
  •   Unlimited Content Types
  •   Unlimited Developer / Testing Licensing
  •   Source Code Included
  Community Edition Customer Data Hub Digital Experience Manager Digital Experience Platform
  Software only Software Subscription Cloud Subscription Software Subscription Cloud Subscription Software Subscription Cloud Subscription
Content Management              
WYSIWYG Content Creation & Editing    
Taxonomy Management    
External Data Provider    
Language Management    
Headless CMS Delivery (Content API, GraphQL)    
Traditional CMS Delivery    
Portal framework    
User directories and SSO      
Roles and Permissions      
Form Factory (Forms Management)       Optional Optional
Digital Experience              
A/B testing and optimization          
Goal and conversion management      
Customer Engagement (Forms)          
Customer Data Platform              
List management and dynamic segmentation      
Rules engine      
Plug-in framework for third party data source      
Progressive profiling      
Personalization API (headless)      
Consent Management and GDPR related capabilities      
Cloud Service              
99.9% uptime SLA        
Point and click, self-managed upgrades          
Application & Infrastructure Monitoring        
Auto scaling        
Multiple region deployment        
Content Delivery Network (Cloudfront)          
Customer controlled back up / restore        
Support & Maintenance              
Standard Support (Business Hours)        
Premium support (24/7)   Optional Optional Optional
Integrated Developer toolkit (Jahia Studio)    
Private Apps Store      
Access to public Jahia Apps Store (Modules)    
Unlimited Bugfixes  
Hotfixes and service packs  
Dedicated Support Platform (Jira)  
Community Stack (Tomcat /MySQL)     N/A N/A
Advanced stacks Support (for IBM, Oracle and Microsoft environments)       Optional N/A Optional N/A
DX Connectors   Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

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