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Bienvenue au sein de la famille Jahia ! Je m’appelle Michel Romy et je suis le vice-président du Service & Support Client de Jahia. En tant que co-fondateur de Jahia, je souhaite m’assurer que vous puissiez tirer pleinement parti de nos produits, année après année. Notre équipe support est là pour vous aider si vous rencontrez des difficultés avec nos produits ou si, plus simplement, vous avez des questions sur nos produits. Mon objectif est de m’assurer que vous receviez une aide de qualité et que chacun de vos problèmes soient résolus.

Pour que nous puissions aider vos équipes dans les meilleures conditions, je vous remercie de bien vouloir prendre les deux mesures suivantes :

  • Lire attentivement les informations détaillées dans notre FAQ synthétique : Working With Jahia’s Customer Support Team FAQ, et le partager à votre équipe. Il explique :
    • Comment et quand votre équipe peut puiser dans votre crédit d’heures de “Support Technique en ligne”
    • Comment accéder à votre espace de support en ligne
    • Comment accéder aux dernières versions et aux derniers correctifs produit via notre Extranet Client
    • Où trouver la documentation produit et autres ressources utiles
    • Les processus de résolution de bug et de publication de correctifs
    • Et de nombreuses autres informations utiles pour travailler au mieux avec l’équipe support
  • Fournir le plus d’informations possible sur votre développement et vos environnements de production et de pré-production. Ces informations sont essentielles pour nos ingénieurs support : elles leur permettront de résoudre plus rapidement vos demandes. (Voir “What type of information should I provide about my environment (and where should I provide it)?” pour plus de détail).

Pour toute question relative aux points précédents, je vous prie de contacter votre Account Manager ou le Director of Customer Success de votre région. Vous pouvez aussi nous contacter directement par email à l’adresse suivante : .
Si vous utilisez la version gratuite de DX, Community Distribution, vous pouvez partager votre expérience et demander de l’aide aux autres membres de notre communauté sur le Jahia Forum.

Meilleures salutations,

Michel Romy,
Vice-Président du Service & Support Client et Co-Fondateur de Jahia

Working With Jahia’s CUSTOMER Support Team - FAQ

When should I engage Jahia’s Customer Support Team?

Whenever your team has a question about the functionality or behavior of one of Jahia’s products or needs to report an issue (whether it is a bug, an integration issue, an environment issue, or any other product issue), you should open a support ticket.

The support team can assist with requests of the following nature:

  • Issues with code (or questions about) that you have developed in the scope of your project.
    Examples might include: questions about code that doesn’t work as expected; questions about best practices; or requests for coding examples.
  • Issues with product features (or questions about).
    Examples might include: questions about a feature that is not working correctly; a request for more information about a feature that is not completely understood
  • Bugs (software defects).
    Examples might include: a full description of the problem encountered along with steps for reproducing the problem (if possible), and any appropriate error logs.
  • Question(s) related to product configuration and/or tuning.
    Examples might include: requests for information about memory allocation; caching configuration; or cluster configuration.  
  • Issues related to the stability or performance of your application.
    Examples might include: requests for information/insight regarding delays in page responsiveness

To better understand if support hours included in your subscription will be used when opening a support ticket, please see "How does Jahia determine whether an issue is the result of a bug/defect" .

When should I NOT engage Jahia’s Support Team?

You can engage with Jahia's Support team at any time and for any queries. However, if we feel the matter can not be handled properly through a support ticket (for example, if you are looking for programming/development/consulting services), we will have a member from Jahia’s Customer Solutions team (aka, Professional Services) to get in touch with you to discuss in more details your request and the best way to handle it.

If there is any doubt, please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket and the Support Team will be happy to evaluate the request. If it turns out that the Support Team feels the request does not fall under their domain, they will kindly let you know.

How do I engage the Support Team?

Interaction with the support team is made through our online support platform. This is the best channel for every kind of support request as it ensures traceability of your request and the best possible follow-up within the terms of our SLA. It also allows for tracking of the time spent on individual support requests.

How do I gain access to the Support Platform?

If you do not have a valid login for the support platform, please be sure to first create an account on (if you don’t already have one). Once your account is approved you can ask your Jahia Account Manager or the Director of Customer Success to be sure that you are granted access to the support platform.

How do I Open a Support Ticket

To open a support ticket, login to the support platform by going to Then click the button that says “Create Issue” and fill in the requested information.

If you do not have a valid login for the support platform, see “How do I gain access to the Support Platform".

How do I create an account on

To create an account on, go to and submit the requested information.

What type of information should I provide when opening a Support Ticket?

When opening a support ticket, the following information can be useful to the support team to troubleshoot the issue :

  • Clear description of the issue
  • Exact version of the product used
  • Frequency of the occurrence (was it just once or does it happen on a regular basis)
  • Whenever possible, a scenario that leads to the issue in your environment and/or on an out-of-the-box setup of the product. Also it is useful to know if the issue occurs only on one environment (production for instance) or if it can be reproduced on other environments too (Pre-production, development environment)
  • Logs from the application from when the issue occurred. Please note in the description the time of day when the issue occurred (whenever possible).
  • When the issue is related to performance or responsiveness of the product, a series of thread dumps taken while the issue is occurring can also provide much detail on what is happening and also why it happens.
What Happens After I Open a Support Ticket?

The support team will respond to the ticket in accordance with the terms of your Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

If the ticket is related to a bug/defect in Jahia’s product, it will be handled according to the Terms & Conditions of your subscription agreement, and no hours will be deducted from your pool of available “Online Technical Assistance” hours.

For all other issues (i.e. anything that isn’t a bug/defect), the assigned support engineer will begin working on a resolution, and will worklog all time spent helping to resolve the issue. These hours will be deducted from the pool of available “Online Technical Assistance” hours.

Once a suggested resolution has been made by a support engineer (or more information has been requested to help resolve the problem) you will receive a notification of the response and the ticket status will be changed to “Waiting for Customer Feedback”. Tickets will remain in this state until either:

  • You provide an answer to the question asked by the support engineer (if appropriate)
  • You answer that the provided response has resolved the issue to your satisfaction
  • You choose to close the issue yourself (once it has been resolved)
How does an Issue Get Closed?

As noted above, once an issue has been resolved to your satisfaction, you can either note this in the ticket and request that the issue be closed, or you can close the issue.

How does Jahia determine whether an issue is the result of a bug/defect?

If a Jahia product’s source code has to be altered (and patch/hotfix delivered) in order to resolve an issue, it’s a bug (and getting it fixed will not affect your available pool of Online Technical Assistance hours). All other issues will require the use of your available pool of Online Technical Assistance hours for resolution.

A bugfix request will then be opened internally and will be handled either directly by the support team (for straightforward issues or when bugfix has a limited and defined scope) or by the R&D team (when the issue is more complex and/or can impact either the overall stability or the performance of the product). Once a bug fix has been issued, it will go through our complete QA process (code review, validation and testing) and will be delivered as part of the next scheduled hotfix. The support ticket created to report the bug will be updated when the hotfix is released. See “Where can I find the latest Stable Releases and Hotfixes” to find: where the hotfix can be downloaded; the procedure to apply the hotfix; and the changelog.

When will I receive a fix for any bugs that I report?

Typically, fixes for reported issues are made available to customers when the next scheduled hotfix is released. There are extenuating circumstances where we may release a patch to a customer prior to the release of the next hotfix.

  • If the customer’s project is live and the issue is truly critical or blocker (as determined by the Jahia support team on a case-by-case basis)
  • If the customer’s project is in development and the issue prevents them from making forward progress with development.

If you feel that your situation falls under one of the above scenarios, please bring it to the attention of the support team and or your Customer Success Manager in order to initiate discussions regarding receiving a patch.

Where can I find the Terms of My SLA?
The details of the SLAs related to your subscription(s) should be found in your contract and in your online support project, here is a quick overview of our general SLAs :


Severity Description SLA
P1: Severity 1
(when in 24/7)
Anomaly that has brought the activity the Client is conducting with the Enterprise Distribution in production to a complete stop and seems to be caused by Enterprise Distribution used by the related Unique Production Environment.
  • 4 hours from support ticket opening to first answer.
  • Status update provided every 4 hours until resolution or until the Customer has been able to start the Unique Production Environment
  • 24/7
P2: Other Production issues All other types of production issues (minor/major/critical issues).
Also applicable to Severity 1 issues in case 24/5 or 24/7 option hasn’t been subscribed.
  • 1 business day from support ticket opening to acknowledge and assign the ticket.
  • 1 business day for hands on and first answer.
  • Status updated provided every business day.
  • 8/5, from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, except for national holidays/closed days) (business days/hours as per Client headquarter’s location).
P3: Development issues Questions or issues related to development, where assistance is requested with some aspect of custom code on Jahia.
  • 1 business day from support ticket opening to acknowledge and assign the ticket.
  • 1 business day for hands on and first answer.
  • Status updated provided every business day.
  • 8/5, from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, except for national holidays/closed days) (business days/hours as per Client headquarter’s location).
Where can I find Online Reference Material (Documentation, Wiki, etc.)?

On our website, you can find technical resources for developers and resources for end users. You can also access the current online training materials here.

A thorough documentation on all of Jahia’s products and connectors can be found on the Jahia Academy website, where the most up to date documentation will be added.  You will also find there documentation for previous 7.x  versions. Documentation for version 6.6 or below will be on our extranet, here for 6.6 and here for legacy versions.

Where can I find the latest Stable Releases and Hotfixes?

The latest releases and hotfixes are available on our Customer Extranet.

Where can I find information about the product lifecycle?

You can find a table describing the maintenance and support end dates for all product versions released on the homepage of the Customer Extranet. This table is updated when new products or versions are released.

What is the definition of Maintenance and Support ?

Maintenance: Official software update released by Jahia Solutions Group (JSG) for a specific version of the software. When a version of a product reaches its maintenance end date, there will be no additional software updates (patches or hotfixes).

Support: Any assistance (such as technical solutions, development and/or best practices) provided by Jahia (either remotely or on-site) in response to a Client request concerning a problem that is not considered to be a Software Bug. When a version of a product reaches its support end date, it means that the Jahia Support Team stops providing assistance on this version.

How do I get access to the Customer Extranet?

To get access to the Customer Extranet, you will first need an account on Once you have registered for this account, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager for access to the Customer Extranet.

What type of information should I provide about my environment (and where should I provide it)?

All of the information related to the setup of our product provides useful information that enables the support team to provide better and faster assistance. Examples of the types of information that are useful to us include:

  • Which product(s) you are using (Digital Factory, Workspace Factory, etc)
  • Which major product version is currently in use (or in development, if appropriate)
  • What Operating System is the product installed on (Linux, Windows, etc)
  • What Application Server is used with the product (Tomcat, Websphere, etc)
  • What Database server (and version) is used with the product (MySQL, Oracle, etc)
  • If running a cluster, how many nodes are configured
  • What external user provider (if any) is used with the product (LDAP, ActiveDirectory, etc)
  • What web front-end (if any) is used with the product (Apache web server, etc)
  • In what kind of project is the product used (Website, Intranet, Portal, etc)
  • What optional features (if any) are used (Remote Server Publication, etc)
  • Any other kind of information that you think can help with troubleshooting

Currently when we open a new support project we create a ticket numbered “2” (for instance ) where this information can be submitted.

How will I be notified if Online Technical Assistance hours for my subscription are running low?

If your pool of available Online Technical Assistance hours is running low, you will be contacted by your Account Manager.

How can I Find Out How Many Online Technical Assistance hours have been used (and how many hours I have remaining)?

In the "Details" section of each support ticket, you can find next to the label "Assistance time left" the number of remaining assistance hours until the end of the subscription period.  The expiration date for these assistance hours is indicated in the field "End of subscription / support period", also in the "Details" section of each ticket.
Each ticket will mention how much time has been spent by our support team in real time. As mentioned in the "What Happens After I Open a Support Ticket" section, if an issue is identified as a software bug, no time will be accounted for in your assistance hours.  See "How does Jahia determine whether an issue is the result of a bug/defect" to better understand when an issue is marked as bug and when it is not.

 How do I request new license keys?

To request new license keys for any environment (production, staging, developer), please open a new support ticket and specify:

  • The name of the product for which you are requesting the licenses
  • The full version number of the product you are currently running
  • The environment type (production, staging, developer)
  • The IP addresses of the machines that the JVMs will run on
  • If you require a simple renewal of an existing license key, the fastest way is to attach to the support ticket so that we get all the required information right from the key.


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