SDK - Enterprise Distribution

The Digital Experience Manager SDK package is a complete package with: 

  • a pre-installed Digital Experience Manager instance,
  • our DIGITALL demo deployed and
  • the Jahia Studio with a MAVEN bundle. You will discover all the new development features available with pre-downloaded sources of our templates and modules. 

Ability to plug additional Private App Stores is only available for the Enterprise Distribution. In all cases, the Jahia Public App Store is the default App Store.

To install the package

This package works for windows, linux and Mac OS X 

Unzip the archive on your PC or Mac. On PC, please unzip it on C:/ or similar, NOT on your desktop.

If you have already installed Maven on your computer and cannot access to our repository due to network limitation, please open the settings.xml file located under the .m2 folder in your home directory. If a value is set under <localRepository>, you have to comment it.

Launch your instance using the "./” command on Mac or Linux or "start.bat" on Windows
Open a browser, go to http://localhost:8080/start, you should see our DIGITALL demo. Click on "Login".

ROOT credentials are:

 user: root
 password: root

 click on the root name (top - right) and switch edit mode or select the new user dashboard interface.
 To access the Jahia Studio, in the Edit Mode or in the new dashboard interface, click on the "Mode" dropdown menu and select "Studio"

NB: to stop you Digital Experience Manager instance, use the "./” command on Mac or Linux or "stop.bat" on Windows

Tools (http://localhost:8080/tools)  is a module that provides a lot of information about the running Digital Experience Manager instance. can access the OSGi console or use the JCR console for testing. In Tools, you will also find a repository  browser.

TOOLS credentials are:

 user: jahia
 password: password


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