Enterprise Distribution Package

Install the latest Enterprise Distribution Package

The Enterprise Distribution gives a thorough view of the extended features we have developed for mission-critical projects.
The Enterprise Distribution ships with all the Digital Industrialization tools:

  •  Private App Store
  •  Roles & advanced workflows
  •  User Directories and SSO
  •  Distant Publishing
  •  Clustering
  •  Complex environments support (WebSphere, Oracle…)
  •  The possibility to install specific packages such as Portal Factory that features Esigate or CMIS integrations.

The installers of the Enterprise Distribution provide 60-day trial versions. The Enterprise Distribution of Digital Experience Manager is available through Annual Subscriptions that come with unlimited bug fixes, Online Technical Assistance and specific SLAs for both development and production environments. The Enterprise Distribution installers are offered with a non-viral business friendly license: the JSEL License.

Quick launch of the Mac and Linux Package

Once the download is completed, launch the jar package from the repository where you downloaded the package and type the following command in a terminal window:
 java -jar DigitalExperienceManager-EnterpriseDistribution-
and then follow the process through the different steps of the installation tool.

Quick launch of the Windows Package

Once the download is finished:
Double click on installer.exe
then follow the steps of the installation wizard. You must click on Next for each page, agree to the License Agreement and define a root password when asked.

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