Advanced Developer On-site Training with Certification

This 3-days training ends with a certification exam and covers DX's  advanced content components like validators, mixins, search components, production mode, etc.


  • Validators
  • Indexing options
  • Useful mixins
  • Multiple output formats (RSS, VCF, CSV…)
  • Bound components
  • Search components
  • Query components
  • Custom Actions
  • Custom Permissions
  • Rendering Filter
  • Setup and troubleshooting
    • Working with a Private App Store
    • Development vs. Production modes
    • Digital Experience Manager troubleshooting tools

Validation Exam: the Developer Certification

At the end of the 3-day curriculum, attendees must take a 3-hour certification exam.

Duration 3 days
Prerequisite Online training
Mode On-site
Validation Exam included Offical Jahia Developer Certification
Pricing and conditions CHF 2,990 ($ 2,990) (2,490€) per developer - 5 developers max per session. Travel expenses and accommodation are not included in the training tuition.
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