Enterprise Open Source Business Model

Sustainable Business Model

For each enterprise distribution, Jahia provides a subscription that works like an insurance: mission-critical projects of subscribers are backed by our architects and developers, authors of the Jahia Digital Experience Management Platform. For this commitment that helps the entire community of users to get a better software, release after release, each customer:

  • Does not pay a license fee for the usage of the required enterprise software.
  • Will be the first to access to requested software enhancements, patches and hotfixes.

When a customer needs a potential generic feature, he can benefit from Jahia’s Collaborative Development model. And thus avoid becoming the software vendor of its own solution.

Annual Subscriptions Benefits

Annual Subscriptions provide for all your mission critical projects:

  • Efficient Enterprise Distribution packages, extensions and tools to secure and accelerate enterprise deployment of Digital Transformation projects
  • Customers centric hotfixes release
  • Enterprise support and services
  • With a sustainable licensing and related pricing model to foster community back contribution
  • No license cost


A True Customer Driven Roadmap

When a customer decides to financially contribute to a new feature, guaranteed and validated by Jahia’s R & D and Q&A teams, they will not pay anything beyond their subscription to have:

  • “their” new feature also covered.
  • the benefits of future maintenance and enhancements of their new feature delivered by Jahia and / or other community members.

Do not become the software vendor of your own solution


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