Get the control back on your e-commerce experiences!

As a marketer, you know that content helps you deliver the best digital experience to your customers. Make sure your e-commerce website is geared up for personalization

 Personalized commerce experience with targeted content help you increase your sales. 

Your business is safe

Keep your company and team safe providing consistent safety tools

Get fast solutions

And what if you had the tool to actually reduce your time to market?

Take control of your business

Advanced Process control to reduce step-testing and modeling by half

Free the developers

Wouldn't you like to reduce your dependence to IT and reduce the number of tools you use?


What can Commerce IO do for you?



Be the hero of your customer digital experience

Free yourself from IT! Customize any page of your e-commerce website. 
Drive sales with great content that turns your website into  an engaging and personalized shopping experience:

  • Create new webpages and landing pages in few clicks
  • Mix any kind of contents and products
  • Create new  sites  easily (Branding/New product)
  • Edit any product list, product category, product detail page using a WYSIWYG Edit mode
  • Add product references to any text or content
  • Use our superpowered catalog search: fast and faceted
  • Redesign all the flow around your checkout tunnel, so your business can interact with the user until the last step.

Make it personal with Marketing Factory

  • Enrich your profiles and use commerce events to personalize content and pages across your websites
  • Create and manage segments based on the shopping/browsing history of your customers
  • Reach international audience with DX  translations capabilities, talk to your audiences in their language using your words.
  • Blend behavioural, transactional, forms and social data into a single profile that you can leverage to personalize the experience across websites and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Make the most of our 15+ years of content management to boost your digital commerce initiatives

1. Speed. You know this is critical for a e-commerce website.

53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load. We have designed a tool that makes sure the content on your mobile sites and apps load instantly, even with all the superpowers we gave to Commerce IO.
Thanks to DX caching logic and Elasticsearch storing the catalog, Commerce IO is fast.
Really fast.
To top it all, Jahia DX tools (modules, components, templating and views) help you fulfill the complex needs of your front-end.

2. Powerfully integrated and connected

  • Use the power of Open source, ESIGate, OSGI and GraphQL for integration of the Hybris back-end inside your site.
  • GraphQL  is great to use as an entry point for catalog search/browsing (ease development of UI components). You can also benefit from DX industrialization capabilities. And get continuous integration, open standards and frameworks with OSGI.
  • Commerce IO allows to cut your existing pages into detailed sub-elements to be reassembled on Jahia DX side by drag-and-drop.
  • And, even better, this integration works both for the product detail page and the checkout tunnel.

3. Tailored to suit your needs

  • As part of our ecosystem, Commerce IO is packaged with a scalable, reliable, open, and standards-based infrastructure with the best feature vs price ratio / low TCO.
  • Customer space “Orders”/”Cart” can be customized the same way or you can integrate with your ecommerce backend API’s for a more decoupled integration.
  • Easily customize vanity URLs for your product pages in order to get better SEO.
  • Add products in your new applications (Mobile, SPA, PWA) development, as it pleases you and your teams.



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