JDK 1.7

End Of Support

Alignment with JDK's vendor lifecyle

Vendor's support ended in April 2015

Jahia to end support of JDK 1.7

JDK 1.7 has been out of support by its vendor since April 2015. We, at Jahia, chose to keep on supporting it in our Digital Experience Manager (DX) solution, together with version 1.8.

However, as the security concerns grew around JDK 1.7, we decided to end its support by the end of 2017. The upcoming DX 7.2.2, scheduled December 2017 will only support jdk 1.8 and possibily jdk 1.9 if released and fully tested by then.

If your are running DX 7.x, you can upgrade now to JDK 1.8



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