Geoportal of Wallonia
The Geoportal of Wallonia draws many benefits from the Jahia platform. This CMS has many basic modules that can be customized very easily. The simplicity of the editing interface makes it much easier for the site manager to perform their task. The Jahia tool allowed for a strong integration with geographic components through web services standardized by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).
Samuel Mattern, head of the Geoportal Project at the Walloon Public Service (Geo-Data Integration Department)


With Jahia, NSI announced the development and launch of the Geoportal of Wallonia in February 2013. Jahia was selected mostly for its business-specific applications integration capabilities. The new GIS portal was designed in accordance with the INSPIRE EU directive and lists the region’s geographical data while making it available to all users.


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