Jahia Makes Digital Experience Simpler for Leading Brands

December 18, 2019

December 18, 2019, Boston, MA. Jahia, the software company that makes digital experience simpler, announces new products and a new website as it builds on its expansion in North America. Jahia reported an increase in new business of more than 200 percent over the last 12 months, largely driven by its expansion in North America. Jahia also reported that all 2019 deals to date have been cloud-based, an offering which the company introduced in late 2018.

Jahia CEO Michael Tupanjanin said, “Our new products, website and success in North America reflect our approach to Digital Experience. When I joined Jahia two years ago and met with our customers and partners, it became clear that most want to iterate digital experiences rather than going big-bang which is risky. Brands also want to take advantage of new innovations as they are developed rather than waiting for a suite provider to add it to their road map,” he continued. “They needed a better way, and Jahia provides it--a simpler, DX platform approach to building amazing digital experiences, one step at a time.”

According to Gartner, “Through 2021, 85% of the effort and cost involved in a DXP program will be spent on integrations with internal and external systems, including the DXP’s own, built-in capabilities.”* In the same report, the authors state, “DXPs must be flexible, adaptable and pluggable.”

According to the Forrester Research report, Drive Unified Digital Customer Experiences With Better Technology Strategies, August 1, 2019, “No one vendor offers all the technologies you need for digital customer experiences” and “ease of integration and extensibility are key differentiators.”


Jahia Makes Digital Simpler while Reducing TCO

A connected Digital Experience platform gives companies the most flexibility to deliver always best-in-class experiences at a lower total cost of ownership. Jahia Chief Product Officer Rami Chahine said his aim is to make it easier to connect experiences everywhere: “We’ve got 250-plus connectors that work out-of-the-box,” he said. “Jahia’s DX platform ensures our customers can take advantage of emerging technologies as well as connect easily with their existing, often foundational solutions. This helps companies assemble better customer data profiles and refine personalized experiences.”


New Brand and Products reinforce the DX Stack — with a focus on head-optional

Jahia’s new website www.jahia.com reveals the evolution of its products as stack components and infrastructure:


The most agile DX solution combining customer data with CMS to deliver personalized content to every channel, quickly and easily.


The most flexible hybrid Content Management Solution (head-optional) manages the entire content ecosystem to deliver on-brand customer experiences across all digital channels.


The open-source, headless Customer Data Platform (CDP personalizes every experience, regardless of where the data lives, GDPR-compliant.

Jahia Stack Connect

Because it takes a stack to provide stand-out digital experiences, Jahia offers more than 250 out-of-the-box connectors, and it’s easy to create new ones, with our tools.


Jahia is built with open-source, Java-based software to give companies full control. Its flexible architecture and extreme modularity gives customers market-leading agility and speed.


Expanded North American Team and Partner Program

Joe Henriques joined Jahia as President, North America, in 2018 to lead the company’s North American expansion, including significantly growing its commercial team and its partner program. Since then, Jahia has created new positions and increased its North American employee count by 84 percent, with highly experienced professionals. According to Joe, “Our team is amazing. Every single member has significant experience in the DX market and brings knowledge, expertise and customer focus to their role. We’ve also expanded our North American partner program to 35 active partners in 2019, all of which are thrilled to bring their customers more value and more flexibility with Jahia DX applications.”

* Gartner, Inc. Don’t Wreck Digital Engagement With Bad Deployment Decisions for Your Digital Experience Platform, July 31, 2019, Gene Phifer


About Jahia

Jahia makes digital experiences simpler. Our open-source DXP applications snap-in to your existing stack to make your organization stand out. Start with content management and expand to personalize, optimize and scale all digital experiences--with privacy-protected, unified customer data, everywhere. Jahia’s 250-plus connectors ensure that your stack is connects easily with new and existing applications.

Jahia customers include more than 150 mid-to-large sized, regional and global companies and government agencies, ranging from great brands like Ben & Jerry’s, to Sodexo, one of the world's largest multinational corporations, to top financial services companies including Nationwide, and government institutions such as the European Parliament. Follow us on LinkedIn, read our blog, and visit our website www.jahia.com.