JahiaOne 2014

JahiaOne 2014 is the first edition of Jahia's global conference for the Community. Over the course of two days, Jahia developers, users, clients and partners met, shared their experiences and discovered Jahia's upcoming versions. Here are all the slides and videos from this 2-day event.


All pictures from JahiaOne are available here

Here are all the slides and videos from JahiaOne 2014

General Presentations

Opening keynote by Elie Auvray Slide Video 
Gartner Presentation: Driving Human Engagement in a Digital Industrial Economy by Mick MacComascaigh Slide Video

Jahia 7 and the Digital Industrialization vision presentations

Digital Industrialization by Elie Auvray Slide Video
Jahia 7: Product Overview by Elie Auvray Slide Video
New Product Line Up (Part 1) by Elie Auvray Slide Video
New Product Line Up (Part 2) by Elie Auvray Slide Video
New certified Partner Program by Emmanual Garcin Slide Video
(from 16:40)
Product Roadmap: Insights by Clement Egger Slide Video

Technical Tracks on Jahia 7

Jahia 7: Welcome to OSGi by Serge Huber Slide Video
Jahia 7: Learning more about OSGi by Serge Huber Slide Video
Jahia 7: Enter the Studio, new development tools  Slide Video
Jahia 7: from development to production, the complete lifecycle Slide Video
Upgrade to Jahia 7 Slide  
Software Quality Assurance at Jahia by Anna Afshar Slide  
Query and search API under the hood by Benjamin Papez Slide  
Extending Jahia7 with NoSQL. Demos and Showcases  Slide  
Customer Server / Site setting panels in Jahia 7 by Sergiy Shyrkov Slide  
New REST API by Christophe Laprun Slide  
MVC in Jahia 7 using Spring Web Flow by Sergiy Shyrkov Slide Video
Advanced Module development: Chose your strategy by Thomas Draier Slide  
Jahia 7, The External Data Provider  Slide  
Jahia 7: A bootstrap/less integration example Slide  
Performance Tuning by Hayssam Saleh of eBizNext Slide  

Customer Testimonials

Abercrombie & Fitch Slide Video
HomeAway - "There are very few things you CAN'T do with Jahia." Slide Video
Socomec presents their multi-site, multilanguage product catalog Slide Video
Jahia, the global website factory and "Ville de Nantes" case study by Smile Slide Video
The European Parliament, a Jahia customer since 2004 Slide Video
Universite Laval: How our team has tripled production of quality websites in just two years Slide Video
Semantic Web and Jahia Slide Video

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